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What is the One Product E-commerce?

The web site selling only one product is one product e-commerce. The ROI is very high at single product e-commerce with compare to multi-product websites. If you have more than one product, you can create one product e-commerce sites. This software is a B2B solution for companies who want to sell one product e-commerce software.

Why One Product E-commerce Sites Have Higher Conversion Rate

There are many examples about multi-product websites have lower conversion rate because of enabling more choices to visitors. If a visitor can't make a desicion on choices, he/she can't order the product and leave the web site. Also one product web sites have more powerful content in order to get conversion.

Why Conversion Rate (ROI) is Better in Order Engineer

Order Engineer is specializing in one product e-commerce. Your e-commerce customers will have this software under your brand and get higher conversion rates by powerfull modules focused on one product.

Why the conversion rate (ROI) important?

Sites with high conversion rate pay less money in order to get the same number of conversions (orders).