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This program is suitable for whom?

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Web Firms
  • Web Hosting
  • Individual Employees
  • Entrepreneurs

Call Center Hardware (OREN-01)

100% compatible with all phones. Maximize your performance with call management. Installation takes less than a minute.
One OREN-01 is sufficient for one phone
OREN-01 Call Center device will be provided under your own brand. E-commerce customers will gain important information with call center device OREN-01.
Call center software and e-commerce customers will gain important information
  • Which call comes from which banner link (Offline Conversion Tracking)
  • Quick order search for Call Income
  • Call performance report of your agents
Give your customers a turnkey call center solution, with offline conversion tracking technology.
Level Up E-Commerce

Order Engineer offering e-commerce e-trade with which to manage your clients begins with zero error. E-commerce customers will not be errors in information management team can deliver a management service.

What this program will make available to customers with the E-Commerce?

  • One product e-commerce software with your own brand
  • Start one product e-commerce in 30 minutes
  • Flexible and easy to install one product e-commerce
  • Free Call Center (OREN-01)
  • PayPal module for each site created by customers
  • Facebook application in order to take orders
  • 100% fit and easy installation with Google Analytics
  • 100% compatible with Google Adwords policies
  • More conversions with Affilate Enginer
  • Personnel, product, channel, site, call... Rich reporting
  • Secure ordering and shipping management
  • Proactive performance reporting
  • Proactive order management
  • Rich CRM management
  • More conversions with Wcertificate
  • Call Center performance management
  • Auto SMS discount code management
  • All printer compatible label printing software billing and order
  • Phone order tracking technology
  • Facebook Like or Google plus special discount offer
  • Special offer to related products
  • Bank, payment, etc. at the door. Offline Payment Support
  • Online order inquiry
  • Time based campaign management for single products
  • Support for the installation
  • Easy to install with all one product web sites (5 minutes / site)
  • 100% compatibility with all single product sites
  • Ready templates available
  • 100% mobile compatibility
  • 100% compatibility with any server (ASP, JSP, PHP, etc.).


  • Regular License
  • Platinum License

How to Win?

  • Start With your own brand and deliver the best one product e-commerce system to your own customers.
  • Let your customers make higher conversion rates
  • Get regular income from your customers using this software.
  • Get regular income by Affiliate Engineer
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